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Back Pain & Other Discomfort Mums & Bubs Exercise Classes Breastfeeding & Mastitis SRC Recovery & Sports Shorts
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As you hold your new baby in your arms, the transition from pregnancy to motherhood is complete.  Caring for your baby and other small children makes looking after you all the more important now than ever.


It's difficult to keep energised when the discomforts of pregnancy extend beyond birthing, or if pain enters your life along with motherhood.  INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women can provide relief from:

  • back, pelvic, sciatic, hip, groin and coccyx pain
  • headaches, neck & shoulder tension
  • poor abdominal muscle tone and abdominal muscle separation (DRAM)
  • blocked ducts/Mastitis (therapeutic ultrasound and advice)
  • wrist/hand pain and numbness (carpel tunnel)
  • bladder leakage (urinary incontinence) and urgency
  • prolapse
  • pain with sex


INSPIRE Mums & Bubs Exercise classes provide a welcoming and friendly environment where you can exercise with your baby and regain your pre-baby body.  Enjoy a our Mums & Bubs Exercise classes to strengthen, shape and tone your body from the inside out and regain your pre-baby body.

  • Regain pelvic floor muscle strength and bladder control
  • Strengthen and flatten your abdominal muscles
  • Tone your body
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Provide a base to safely move to higher intensity exercise without injury
  • Prevent low mood and postnatal depression

INSPIRE Mums & Bubs Exercise classes are designed specifically for women after birth to regain their pre-pregnancy body with a strong emphasis on pelvic floor and abdominal exercises, as well as generalised toning.

There is a maximum of 8 women in each class.  All women must have an assessment prior to commencing classes.

Classes can be commenced anytime from six weeks after birth until your baby is mobile. Click here to view timetable.

Most PHI funds will provide a partial rebate for INSPIRE Pregnancy Exercise Classes.  Please contact your Health Fund to check if you are able to claim a rebate (item number 561 or 596).


Many breastfeeding mothers experience blocked ducts and Mastitis in the first few months after birth.  At INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women, we can support you at this time and provide treatment and advice to help settle the tenderness/pain and help restore milk flow.

Treatment includes a combination of therapeutic ultrasound, lymphatic massage and advice to recover and prevent further occurrences.

Physiotherapy treatment is most effective in the early stages and can often stop the blocked ducts reaching the stage of Mastitis.  We believe in a multidisciplinary approach, working as a team with your GP and Lactation Consultant to support you and your baby with breastfeeding.

Contact us to further discuss how our physiotherapists can help you.


INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women stock the full range of SRC Compression shorts and leggings.

SRC Recovery shorts/leggings are designed to reduce symptoms of pain associated with perineal tears/stitches, caesarean wounds, pelvic pain, abdominal muscle separation and back pain.  They also facilitate abdominal muscle recovery and assist in regaining your pre baby shape faster.

SRC Sports shorts/leggings provide maximum support to the lower abdominal muscles, lower back and perineum, helping to ease pain in the low back, pelvic and hip, and also ease symptoms of prolapse.  These shorts can be worn after 3 months postnatally, and by women of all ages and activity levels.

Contact us to arrange a time for a free fitting.

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