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Online Physiotherapy Consultations are now available at INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women.  


Who are online consultations ideal for?

  • Women who are unavailable to attend our practice
  • Those who prefer the convenience of staying in their own home 
  • Women who have been to our practice previously and seeking further guidance/follow-up for their issue, whether that be related to pain/injury, exercise guidance or pelvic floor concerns
  • Women who live in remote/rural areas with limited access to women’s health physiotherapists


As we have a holistic approach to all of our clients, there is so much more to recovery than hands-on:

  •     Advice on exercise/self-management strategies
  •     Simple mindfulness techniques to help with stress/anxiety
  •     Basic nutritional advice.

Telehealth consultations are often as effective as face to face consultations and you can still be pro-active about your health.


What injures/concerns are appropriate:

  • Pelvic floor concerns (bladder/bowel issues, prolapse, pelvic pain)
  • Recovery after having a baby
  • Pain/discomfort during your pregnancy
  • Abdominal muscle separation & exercises to help with recovery
  • Neck & back pain
  • Muscle tension & headaches



  • Fill out screening form prior to the consultation
  • Telehealth consult via zoom, safe and secure
  • Receive a personal treatment plan

How to book:

  • Book online via the link below
  • Call our reception team on 9769 7579

Telehealth Booking Online 

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