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Live energised and pain free

As women, we ask a lot of our bodies. And many life experiences (joyous or otherwise) can lead to injury, pain, poor posture, bladder and pelvic floor issues. Pain can arrive in adolescence, with pregnancy, menopause, parenting, injury or a hectic schedule. Many women find that back pain, neck and shoulder pain, buttock pain, hip pain, groin pain, joint and muscle pain and pelvic floor concern hampers their enjoyment of life.

Let INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women help you regain your inner body strength, fitness and health.


At INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women, we know you have a busy life.  Perhaps you’re one of many women who suffer:

  •  back & neck pain
  •  headaches & shoulder tension
  •  poor posture
  •  buttock, coccyx, hip & groin pain
  •  muscle & joint pain
  •  pelvic floor pain
  •  pain during sex

Whether your pain is acute or long term, INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women can help you to recover with an individual treatment plan.


Becoming a mother is a time of anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately many women experience bladder and pelvic floor issues, pain and discomfort during pregnancy and motherhood.

INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women can provide treatment for:

  • back, pelvic, sciatic, hip, groin and coccyx pain
  • headaches
  • neck, shoulder and rib pain
  • wrist/hand pain and numbness (carpel tunnel)
  • bladder leakage (urinary incontinence) and urgency
  • prolapse
  • pain with sex
  • poor abdominal muscle tone and abdominal muscle separation (DRAM)
  • blocked ducts/Mastitis (therapeutic ultrasound and advice)

We also provide education on and hire out TENS machines for use in labour (drug free pain relief).


Imagine the newfound confidence you could enjoy with a healthy, stronger pelvic floor.  Good pelvic floor muscle tone is essential to comfort, intimacy and confidence.

One in three women who have had a baby experience urinary incontinence during their life time. Pelvic floor muscle exercises can be difficult to do, and at least one in three women do pelvic floor muscle exercises incorrectly.

Many women believe that bladder and pelvic floor problems are part of being a woman.  No matter how long you have experienced your problem, it is never too late to seek help with:

  • bladder or bowel leakage
  • bladder or bowel urgency and frequency
  • vaginal heaviness, lump or bulge (prolapse)
  • constipation/straining/poor emptying
  • pelvic floor pain
  • pain during sex

Our Physiotherapists at INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women have completed postgraduate training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, and can assist women of all ages recover bladder, bowel and pelvic floor health.

In addition to individual therapy, INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women's Clinical Rehab Program and Reformer Exercise classes are a supportive place to further build bladder and pelvic floor health.


Online Physiotherapy Consultations are now available at INSPIRE Physiotherapy for Women.  


Who are online consultations ideal for?

  • Women who are unavailable to attend our practice
  • Those who prefer the convenience of staying in their own home 
  • Women who have been to our practice previously and seeking further guidance/follow-up for their issue, whether that be related to pain/injury, exercise guidance or pelvic floor concerns
  • Women who live in remote/rural areas with limited access to women’s health physiotherapists


As we have a holistic approach to all of our clients, there is so much more to recovery than hands-on:

  •     Advice on exercise/self-management strategies
  •     Simple mindfulness techniques to help with stress/anxiety
  •     Basic nutritional advice.

Telehealth consultations are often as effective as face to face consultations and you can still be pro-active about your health.


What injures/concerns are appropriate:

  • Pelvic floor concerns (bladder/bowel issues, prolapse, pelvic pain)
  • Recovery after having a baby
  • Pain/discomfort during your pregnancy
  • Abdominal muscle separation & exercises to help with recovery
  • Neck & back pain
  • Muscle tension & headaches



  • Fill out screening form prior to the consultation
  • Telehealth consult via zoom, safe and secure
  • Receive a personal treatment plan

How to book:

  • Book online via the link below
  • Call our reception team on 9769 7579

Telehealth Booking Online 

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